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Last Summer in Hattula, Finland

In continuation of my previous post “Last Summer in Turku”, I am sharing few more pictures from  my personal collection, clicked from Nokia N8 which was originally not meant for sharing and that is why the picture quality is not up to the mark. However it can give a fair idea to the many travel enthusiasts of what to expect in summer in Finland!


On a sunny day we decided to go roaming with friends. At first we went to this park.


After that, we went to a kiosk/grill next to a lake, close to my town.


The Kiosk was situated in a town called Hattula.


The Kiosk had a pier and tables for enjoying food.



The Lake Vanajavesi has a shore length of 457 Kms and covers a surface area of  119 square square Kms, which includes among st others, my town Hämeenlinna.


Every summer Silverlines offers cruises from Hämeenlinna town center, which turns back to my town from the kiosk.


Upon returning back home in Hämeenlinna, my sister insisted that we go to the town center…


Where Ben & Jerry’s had opened a  promotional van to give away free samples of their Ice creams!

otos848And of course, we took as many as we could!


Summer pictures will continue in the next blog.



  1. septicalvar says:

    Ben&Jerry are my favorite Ice Cream:p Thanks 🙂

  2. Bitsy says:

    Ooh, I love B&J’s too! I’m currently eating Coffee Heath Bar Crunch!

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